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A Little About Root Solutions...

After years of experience in the lawn industry, Michael Salm decided that homeowners deserve to have beautiful, healthy lawns through open communication with their lawn care provider.

Many homeowners are at the mercy of whatever random technician that the company sends to the property that round. There is no thought as to what is best for their specific lawn and no communication as to what the homeowners can and should do to help achieve the best results.

At Root Solutions, each property is carefully diagnosed and proper notes are kept on file so that no matter which technician services the lawn, he is well informed on the unique details for that property.

Root Solutions also offers many services, from regular lawn treatment to horticultural care and fire ant control, and more. This allows us to provide the homeowner with exactly the right products and services to meet their lawn’s needs.

Root Solutions Can Help Your Home or Business

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One of our team members will come and do a full evaluation of your yard. We will show you where your yard is and how we can help. You'll receive a no-hassle quote with options to help you stay within budget.

We Work The Plan

Based on the needs of your yard, we will begin the process to get it where you want. Depending on the number of weeks needed, we will come out to perform routine maintenance with results that you will start to see within months.

You Enjoy Your Yard

The time you have been waiting for has come. After working the plan, you will begin to see the results. Everyone we work with is able to enjoy the benefits of a healthier and bug-free lawn. You can relax knowing your yard is taken care of.

I'm So Excited...

To have someone who actually understands the lawn needs and listens to you!

Melissa Caperton

You Can Have A Healthy Yard

It doesn’t have to stay the way it is.

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