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Commercial Pest Control Services


We help your business stay pest-free

Root Solutions offers a commercial pest management solution proven to keep your place of business up to code.

Apartment & Condo Pest Control

With our affordable treatment plan for your housing complex, we provide a simple pest control application each month to ensure that your place is pest-free. 

School & Daycare Pest Control

Root Solutions offers a range of services tailored to your school or daycare’s specific needs.

Restaurant Pest Control

We understand that food can attract many unwanted pests. We also are sensitive to the environment that you work in and follow approved FDA standards.

Healthcare Pest Control

Whether hospital or nursing home, bedbugs are a growing concern as residents stay and visitors come and go. Our treatment will keep your facilities bug free and safe for your patients.

Office Pest Control

The last thing you want is an office infested with bugs. Our treatment plan for office complexes keeps them out and you continuing to work worry-free.


Is Your Commercial Property Pest-Free?

Our approach to your place of business is two-fold.

We first attempt to educate each business on the best practices to mitigate pest infestations.  We aid in creating environments in which pests will not thrive and, in their effort for survival, will likely avoid them.  In both nuisance and wood-destroying pests, we attempt to create barriers to keep the pest from reaching the home, rather than waiting until an infestation arises and we then need to perform curative treatments. 

The second part is a corrective measure.  Once the business has been targeted by pests, we are able to offer programs and treatments to remove and/or decrease pest populations.  Although we do offer both methods of service, we would much rather identify what conditions on the property may permit infestations, advise and educate the client, and try to help prevent issues before they start.

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Need Commercial Pest Control Services?

It may be tempting to solve the solution yourself, but the best way to get rid of pests in your business is through a professional service. Our team of experts will find the root causes of your infestation, treat the problem and then give you tips to keep it from happening again in the future.

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