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Residential Pest Control Services in Jacksonville

Your home shouldn’t be jeopardized by pests. Root Solutions utilizes integrated pest management.

This is a two-pronged approach.  We first attempt to educate customers on the best practices to mitigate pest infestations.  We aid in creating environments in which pests will not thrive and, in their effort for survival, will likely avoid them.  In both nuisance and wood-destroying pests, we attempt to create barriers to keep the pest from reaching the home, rather than waiting until an infestation arises and we then need to perform curative treatments. 

The second part is a corrective measure.  Once the home has been targeted by pests, we are able to offer programs and treatments to remove and/or decrease pest populations.  Although we do offer both methods of service, we would much rather identify what conditions on the property may permit infestations, advise and educate the client, and try to help prevent issues before they start.

Common Pest problems we treat


Most customers don’t realize how or why they have roaches, but it could be as simple as receiving cardboard packages into the home.


Can enter through windows, doors, cracks in the walls, etc; can eat food or bite family and pets.


Ideal conditions for mosquitos to breed are swampy, damp, areas with foliage outside the home; they can bite people and pets causing allergic reactions.


We also provide limited treatment options for homes that are dealing with an infestation of termites. Termites typically reside in the wild.


Typically nest around the eaves of the home; can sting children, adults, and pets.


Can get into your pantry; eat available food.

Fleas & Ticks

They enter the home through hitchhiking on people and pets; bite your families and pets.


Can enter the home through contact with the insect in another home, hotel, etc. as they are known to be prolific travelers; can bite humans and pets.


Can sting humans and pets and need to be handled with care; Relocation is the best option whenever possible.


While beneficial for control of other insects they can bite people and pets, causing minor to severe reactions depending on the species


Can enter the home through contact with the insect in another home, hotel, etc. as they are known to be prolific travelers; can bite humans and pets.


These pests can eat paper and fabrics and are detrimental to the home’s interior belongings such as clothing, books, furnishings, etc.
Our Promise

We use safe and environmentally friendly measures.

Your safety is our top priority when applying pest control to your home and property.

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It may be tempting to solve the solution yourself, but the best way to get rid of pests in Duval is through a professional service. Our team of experts will find the root causes of your infestation, treat the problem and then give you tips to keep it from happening again in the future.

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